March 19

Reviewing our long term goals

All tamariki were given ‘homework’ this week that is designed to be completed with parents and whānau. We want to know what you believe are the most important goals, hopes and aspirations for our children. If you’ve misplaced the paper version, you can download a copy here. Please return your ideas by Friday 27 March. Thank you.

Community consultation homework 2020

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November 20

Year 6 Camp Iona Photos

Our Year 6 students had many great adventures at Camp Iona last week.  Below are photo evidence of this wonderful fun.  Well done to our tamariki  who met outdoor challenges head on and had a thoroughly enjoyable week.

IMG_0072 IMG_0139 IMG_1160 IMG_1205 IMG_1208 IMG_1248 IMG_1119IMG_1215

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July 24

Pandora’s Box

I open my eyes. The box is at the foot of my bed. Father told me not to open it but I decide to have a wee peek. The green light I see every night glows from a crack in the box. I place one of my hands on each side of the box and lift the lid. A dark ghostly spirit floats towards me. I scream, then everything goes black. Everything is blurry. My vision returns to normal. Ash and fire float around me. More of the ghostly spirits and other ghastly things scuttle out of the box. Demons crawl around. I don’t know what I have done!
Written by Ethan Cagney (Room 10)

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July 3

Choir’s Musical Showcase


Last Thursday the Tainui Senior Choir performed at Tahuna.  Our choir sang the song ‘Islands’, and we were the last group to perform. Mr. Straight and Miss McCombe taught us the song.  We got really nervous because the other schools were really good. There were hundreds of children watching us as we performed. Wairāmia made a brief speech about what we were going to sing.  We sang our song and it was over in a few minutes. Everyone clapped and cheered as we walked out with our heads held high.  We had an EXCELLENT afternoon.

Written by Morgan and Jessica

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June 27

2014 EXTRA Spelling Quiz

 Last Thursday, six Tainui pupils went to Tahuna Intermediate to compete in the 2014 EXTRA Spelling Quiz – Morgan, Amber, Sam, Tamara and ourselves. At the Quiz there were ten rounds.  The hardest one for Merric and some others was Round 8 called, ‘All or Nothing’ because we had to work out what each word was from just five clues!

Sadly, Tainui didn’t get any medals but we tried our best! At one point Merric said, “Want another mint?”  He had brought mints to the quiz to help us relax so we could think and work calmly.

We are very good spellers but not quite good enough to win this quiz.  Spelling is fun!

Written by Merric and Peter

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June 12

Scrabble Day

I loved Scrabble for Fun. I did lose both my games but I still really enjoyed it. I hope lots of other pupils get a go at it in the future and enjoy it as much as I did! We are playing it in the library at school on wet days now. We will be ready to win next year!  It will really help our spelling and we learnt new skills to play the game.

Written by Edie

On Thursday 5th of June eight children in teams of four went to the Dunedin Public Library to compete in the ‘Scrabble for Fun’ competition. Each person played two games and each win got the team a point. We won and lost games but still had lots of fun.

Written by Harlan


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June 12

Tainui Red’s Awesome Weekend

A few weeks ago on Sunday, the Tainui Red Netball team went to the Southern Steel vs. Easiyo Tactix netball game. Pita Pit kindly gave us the tickets. Southern Steel were very good players and we learned lots of new skills from them. The game was very exciting and fast, and we (the Southern Steel) won 64 to 60. Thanks Pita Pit – we all had a great time!

Written by Skyla Diehl, Room 10

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