May 10

Compliments, Concerns, Complaints

We appreciate any compliments you believe we deserve.  

Any compliments you give will be passed on to the person or group you mention. Compliments also contribute to the school reviews we conduct and to feedback we give to our staff.

Tainui School aims to provide the best possible education by ensuring that each and every child is learning, contributing and flourishing.

You have the right to raise a concern if you believe we are not working to achieve this aim.

If you have a concern:

  1. raise it with your child’s teacher first,
  2. or contact your child’s syndicate leader, or
  3. get in touch with the Principal.

We deal with any concern raised either immediately or as soon as possible.

It is also our responsibility to keep you informed about the progress we are making in investigating the concern.

You will always be given the opportunity to respond to the outcome. 

If you have an official complaint:

  • Talk to the Principal, Deputy Principal or Assistant Principal.
  • Write to or emal the Board Presiding Member.

Your complaint will:

  • be acknowledged within two working days
  • be investigated within 10 working days
  • not adversely affect the way we treat you, your child or your whānau.

You will be:

  • notified of any delays
  • kept informed
  • notified of the resolution within 10 working days.

You have the right to access independent advocacy. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can take the complaint to the Ministry of Education 03 471 5200.