February 19

Education Review Office

We are currently working alongside Mike Fowler – our dedicated ERO Evaluation Partner, building a professional evaluation relationship with us. The ERO Profile Report will soon be available on this page.

Under the previous model, a team of reviewers visited for a few days at the end of 2019. We are all very proud of the report that we received. You can download the full report or read the summary below.

Tainui School Final External Evaluation Report

The Education Review Office concluded that we are well placed to achieve valued outcomes for our students. The report contained many positive statements, including;

  • Students benefit from a broad, well-integrated and responsive curriculum.
  • Most students demonstrate the desired attitudes and dispositions to be successful in their learning.
  • By the end of Year 6 most students were at or above expected levels in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Across the wider curriculum, most students achieved at or above expected levels.
  • Positive Education practices promote students’ wellbeing and social skills.
  • Children with diverse learning and wellbeing needs are quickly identified and well supported.
  • Parents are encouraged to be involved in the school and in their children’s learning.
  • Leaders are reflective and improvement focused.
  • Staff are very well supported to develop their capability. Professional learning and teacher inquiries are focused on how to accelerate children’s progress, increase their engagement and grow life-long learners.

The key strengths of the school that ERO identified that enables sustained improvement and future learner success, are:

  • Positive school culture and broad curriculum that help students be ready, willing and able to learn
  • Effective practices to support students with diverse needs
  • Reflective leadership that effectively prioritises what will contribute to better outcomes for students
  • Commitment to ongoing professional learning and adaptation in order to better meet students’ learning and wellbeing needs.

Together with the Board and Leadership Team, our next steps are for further development in:

  • Refining our strategic and annual plans
  • Completing the review of and documentation of the school’s local curriculum
  • Addressing the variable rates of acceleration.