August 12


We are a collaborative team of educators that works collectively to ensure each and every child learns, contributes and flourishes.

Shelley Wilde

Senior Team
Kaye Ballantyne – Deputy Principal – Team Leader – Teacher Y5/6
Craig Wilkinson – Teacher Y5/6
Wayne Henderson – Teacher Y5/6
Dave Bell – Teacher Y4/5

Middle Team
Cliff Stearn – Senior Teacher – Team Leader – Teacher Y3/4
Mary McHugh – Teacher Y3/4
Fiona Mackay – Teacher Y3/4

Junior Team
Erika Ward – Assistant Principal – Team Leader – Teacher New Entrants/Y1
Liz Ward –  Teacher New Entrants/Y1
Sam Ellis – Teacher New Entrants/Y1
Kate Cutler – Teacher New Entrants/Y1
Ruth Harley – Teacher Y1/2
Jenny Tavendale – Teacher Y2
Adrienne Tavendale – Teacher Y2
Susan Lawrence – Teacher Y2
Jacinda Evans – Literacy Support Teacher

Specialist Teachers
Coral Butler – Reading Recovery/Numeracy & Literacy support teacher/ SENCO
Kristin Arnold – Mathematics & Literacy Support Teacher; Mandarin teacher
Adrienne Tavendale – Classroom Release Teacher (senior and middle classes)
Cheryl Pearson – Classroom Release Teacher (junior classes)
Iain Cook Bonney – eLearning Specialist Teacher
Rachael Forde – Sara Cohen Specialist Teacher

Support Staff
Lois Coombs – School Office Administrator
Mark Richardson – Caretaker
Denise Hayward – Teacher Aide / Librarian / Office Assistant / Before School Care Supervisor
Jacqui Fox – Teacher Aide / Office Assistant
Heidi Jordan – Teacher Aide
Sue Corbett – Teacher Aide
Karen Robson – Teacher Aide
Catherine Dawson – Teacher Aide
Nicole Ware – Teacher Aide
Carrie-Ann Buchanan – Teacher Aide
Chloe Reid – Teacher Aide
Sean Jansen – Teacher Aide
Katie Arlidge – Teacher Aide